Adding Drama and Fun to your Blog with Plug-ins

The idea of adding functionality to my web site via plugins really adds to the notion of plug and play.  So far I’ve been able to add Akismet and JetPack very easily.  But what other plugins lurk out there in the great, vast land of “plugindom”?

Since my web site will focus on my accomplishments, I definitely want my site to be discoverable.  The All in One SEO Pack looks like  a solid candidate as it is a plugin designed to “automatically optimize your WordPress blog for Search Engines.”   This plugin supports Google Analytics, chronicles URLs and has built-in APIs so other plugins and themes can access and extend functionality.

Another plugin I am considering is Simple Debug.  This looks like a very helpful plugin as it looks at the performance of a website, shows functions that are slow and shows error logs as well as has a MySQL Database Optimization tool.   As I have experience issues on some other websites I have, I think having a plugin such as this one would really be helpful.

I am also considering a plugin like WP Resume. This would enhance the site as I would be able to easily update my work history using the plugin.


About Linda Jacobson

Linda Jacobson is a graduate student in the Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) program at the UW Communication Department. Combining her interest and prior studies in Political Science and her current focus on digital media, she is fascinated by how the power of communication impacts and transforms our lives.

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