Three Excellent Free WordPress Themes

My website will be a compilation of my previous, current and MCDM work to showcase what I posses as a professional and visually portray my skills, talent and interests. will demonstrate my technical and academic expertise, which can be reviewed, assessed and form a basis for the potential employers whether to hire me or not.


DESIGN: Design is important to build a bridge between the visitors and me. A professional design builds credibility and helps increase the chances of my professional work being seen. A bad design however, leaves bad impression to my site and personality. Because choice of design reflects one’s personality and this is important because some employers are particular with an employee’s personality.

REVIEWS: Reviews by users on customization of the theme, services for example: some free themes provide limited support, navigation, logic and flexibility.

USABILITY: Theme that can easily adapt my website to a desktop, mobile or any other viewing environment.

Themes that suit my style

RESPONSIVE: A sleek and professional WordPress theme that has a quick and easy logo integration option, multiple page layout option and convenient social media integration. In addition, Responsive theme solves the problem of making a website work for the endless number of new devices and resolutions being used to access the web. In particular the growing popularity of interfacing with the web on mobile devices. Everything from iPhones, smartphones, iPads and tablets, mobile phones, video game consoles, TVs, netbooks, Kindles and other e-readers are used to access the web. Theme Responsive will make my website display perfectly on all these devices, without the need for separate mobile themes, plugins or stylesheets.

TWENTY ELEVEN: An elegant, modern, multipurpose WordPress theme. It has a responsive design that adjusts to any browser size so my site will look great on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops. Some of the other features include a video page template, multiple post and page layout options, portfolio and image gallery layouts and theme settings page for easy customization that will allow me to add my logo, call to action, layout, colors etc.

TWENTY TEN: A clean and professional WordPress theme with a design that is fluid and responsive on all types of platforms. Twenty Ten has a customizable homepage layout with slider, intro text, call to action button (with icon), features widgets (with icons), navigation, portfolio and blog item modules. It has several sidebars so I can have different content for my website homepage, portfolio and blog pages. Other features include the responsive flex slider, custom widgets, custom menus, Google fonts, extensive theme options panel and more.



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