What a video blog should look like

The website I want to build will be a showcase of work my brother and I have collaborated on. He is an amateur music producer and I’d like to experiment with film editing and together I think we can make some compelling short films. This will obviously be an entertainment site so I want our content to be portrayed prominently and aesthetically. These are some themes that I think would work well for my site. What I’ll be looking for in a theme is minimal interference with the video content, other than what is necessary for navigation. I think links to other pages in typography would be more desirable than graphic icons.


I like this theme because the content stands out from the dark background. The arrows on the side allow the site visitor to scroll through content pretty easily. The black upper border for the links to different pages I think is redundant. It is also a bit dark, and I’m not sure if that would work for the mood my brother and I would want to create for our site.


This theme gives more opportunity to add written content to the visual content without compromising the emphasis on the visual. The font is clean and unobtrusive. If there is a story behind some of the work we produce, it can be place below the work.

The Gigawatt theme has more texture in the background than either the Eclipse or Origami. Texture could add more personality to the site. At the same time I don’t want it to subtract from the main content which will obviously be videos.


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