Pimp your profile. Use these plugins!

Plugins for Josefinahellensberg.com

  • WP resume:

As my portfolio will show my CV, it is important to me that the look and design is attractive, easy to read, and simple. As I was searching ”CV” plugins, I came across the WP resume, previewed it and really liked it. I do not have a ton of experience on my resume, so I don’t need it to take up a lot of room.

  • Social Media Icons Widget:

Since my portfolio will take point of departure in my studies with the MCDM program, it’s imortant to me to have the social media icons present if people want to follow me or contact me. As I am a big fan of a simple look, I just want static icons.

  • Contact Form by vCita 2.1.0:

Although I want to include social media icons for people to contact me or follow me, I would like my page to also have an in-page contact form. I previewed this one, and really liked the look of it.

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About Fina

MCDM-student at the University of Washington. I recently relocated to Seattle from Copenhagen.

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