Effective plugins for a writer’s professional portfolio site

My site will function primarily as a portfolio site, so integrating elements that highlight my work experience is a no-brainer.

WP Resume

This plugin allows for easy customization of a resume on a blog, and has more sections than just positions including organizations, details, etc. Using WordPress code and drag and drop features, it seems like a smart solution to including this important information on my portfolio site.

Custom Contact Forms

I want to make sure that anyone who wants to contact me within my website can, (in addition to reaching me via social media and email). I’ve read up on contact forms and this seems to be a well-reviewed one that really screens out spammers well and is relatively easy to use.

Twitter Widget Pro

As Twitter and social media are becoming bigger parts of my professional life, having a solid Twitter plugin to display these on this site is just smart. This plugin handles twitter feeds including parsing by @, hashtags, switching URLs to links, etc., and looks clean. This would also be a great way for individuals to get to know a little more about me aside from my work/what’s on paper.

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About Dawn Quinn

Social media consultant and content strategist. Freelance writer and blogger. Vegan, feminist, cat lady, reader. Lover of cats, cocktails and comics.

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