Finding WordPress plugins to help build and maintain a resume

As my site is going to be a personal portfolio including a resume, one option may be to use my LinkedIn profile as the resume and republish it on my personal site, so that any change to the LinkedIn profile will be reflected on my portfolio site.

LinkedIn Profile Synchronizer Tool 0.8.10

This plugin allows you to publish the information from your LinkedIn profile on your WordPress site, using LinkedIn’s API.

LinkedIn SC

This is another plugin to publish your linkedin profile on a WordPress page. This plugin allows more customization by offering codes to display certain aspects of the LinkedIn profile using the WordPress editor, instead of simply importing the entire profile.

Without having tried these plugins, it’s also possible using LinkedIn data will be too limiting, and I’ll want a more customized resume builder.

WP Resume

This plugin creates a resume option to the WordPress admin screen. It seems to use the WordPress editing tools, customizing them with features to make it easy to create a resume for a WordPress site.

About Daimon

A former print journalist pursuing a Masters of Communication in Digital Media at the University of Washington.

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