Finding Additional Tools for a WordPress Photography Portfolio

Finding three WordPress plugins to enhance the functionality of the photography portfolio site I’m planning to build is difficult for two reasons: First, because  I feel I need a fair amount of content on the site before I can assess what aspects of it–comments and feedback, for example, or social media integration, or image tagging–I actually need to augment. Second, because any of the three themes I chose, being catered towards photography and photoblogging, inherently have a bona fide gallery functionality (probably the most common plugin for photographers) built in and won’t require additional plugins.

That said, here are three plugins I found that I’d like to try implementing.

Google Analytics for WordPress (download)
Though I’ve had positive experiences with the analytics and tracking data provided by the Jetpack plugin that comes standard with many WordPress installations, I know Google Analytics will allow me to keep an ever closer tab on my user demographics and possibly cater future content accordingly (for example, if I find that certain categories of photos are attracting more hits than others, showcasing more similar photos in that category). I feel the plugin will also aid me in its tracking of outbound links and referrers.

All in One SEO Pack (download)
The All in One SEO Pack provides a smorgasbord of major and minor enhancements that can help me optimize my portfolio to appear more prominently in search engine listings, including automatically adding META tags and optimizing page titles and URLs. It’s something I can let run unobtrusively behind the scenes if I’m satisfied with its added functionality, and it claims to integrate well with Google Analytics.

Share This (download)
The ShareThis plugin and widget (which function as a set) allow for easy sharing or re-posting of content to “over 120” social media platforms. I’m a little hesitant on whether I’d actually like to adopt it, as it’s powered by a front-end widget and will therefore be the most visible of my three plugins I’ve listed here. I’m interested in doing so, however, if it helps me increase social activity on the site and draw more attention to the photos in my portfolio.

About Iku Kawachi

Iku is a first-year student in the MCDM program at the University of Washington from Kyoto, Japan, and an avid Web designer, baseball blogger, and aviation photographer. He graduated from the University of Miami with a B.S. in Communication. His interests also include the Los Angeles Lakers, weight training, eating chicken, and binge-watching hour-long dramas on Netflix.

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