Seeking a WordPress Theme That Has an Attention Span Like Mine is intended to be an interactive resume site, encompassing a photographic portfolio, interviews, writing pieces and a handful of hobbies to give a well rounded vision of my individual expertise and capabilites. It will encompass my professional experience in disaster response, as a photographer, and public affairs officer. It will also highlight personal photography and projects. The idea is to cross over between the two aspects of my world, the military and civilian to show the applicability of both.

When looking at themes, I am looking for something that will highlight my work but also present a unique sense of personality. It can not be entirely photography focused as the site wil host more than a photo portfolio, it also needs to be adaptable to eventually incorporate a blog and video. For now I am keeping to the free themes. I looked for themes that were photography friendly, but also had a broad range of customization, including background and number of columns. Color wise I didn’t care as much in the themes as that can be changed later as needed.



It has a layout with pictures that would work for the photography portion of the site, but it might not work as well for the rest of the professional portfolio. It is simple, elegant and yet quirky which is something that I would like to project.

Modularity Lite-  

Is a minimally styled theme with good customization options. There are options for one or two-column layouts, a welcome message, and home page slideshow (which I probably wouldn’t use). It would give me the ability to make the entire design my own, making the homepage as static or as dynamic as I want. It is also very photo friendly.


It is a modern theme with an image gallery slider and an optional blog view. It has audio and video playback which would be nice for my video interviews and what not. The slider bar could be great for linking to the different categories of the portfolio.  Again very simple design with smooth interaction that could serve to highlight the different portions of the site. It has good customizations that would allow a personalized look.

All three share very modern looks, with various capabilities for personalization.


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