Helping Strangers Tell Their Stories Through Simplicity: Themes that enable better sharing to is a modern web forum to tell the story of “what strangers always ask me.” Everyone has questions that people constantly ask to fill dead air space and here are some plugins that will better enable those stories to be told.

Installed the following themes for the following reasons:

Adventure Journal 1.7.2. I choose this primary theme because a) it is a single column, which I want to use to highlight most recent and not distract from the top headline, b) the idea of TJT is that of our own personal adventures with random encounters and the genesis for many of those encounters – awkward questions.

The other two themes, I’m considering:  (both because they are clean and easily customizable and upgrade-able).

I added some additional widgets to my blog theme, including:

My subscription Jetpack to encourage visitors to subscribe via email. As well, I added an easy RSS feed signup so my users can view new posts via that channel as well.


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James Taylor started his first blog,, because was already gone. "So be it, let's keep it local," he said. Now he is the operator of 3 blogs all related: ( (personal ramblings), (parenting), (forum for people to tell stories about, "what strangers always ask them.") He dayllights in Business Development and Marketing for a Seattle healthcare startup and moonlights in a never ending pursuit of a graduate degree at the University of Washington (expected Fall 2012).

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