Staying on top of SEO with Google’s Panda

Google Panda

In early 2011 Google released a new SEO algorithm named Panda.  Since then, they have released several updates that made big impacts on the way Google ranks sites.  Adam Heitzman at wrote an article breaking down the top tips to optimize for Panda. Here is a brief rundown of the article:

 Design for Engagement and User Experience
Googlebot can tell if a site is well designed and interactive based on page view analytics such as time spent on the website and number of web pages per visit.

Spelling and Grammar are Important
Google evaluates the content quality of websites.  If it sounds like a robot wrote it, it won’t score well with Google.

Avoid too Many Ads
If there are too many ads, Google assumes it isn’t a real website.

Less is More
When a page is no longer in use, lose it.  Those pages still affect your rankings even if they’re not visible to visitors.

Ensure High-Quality Code
High-quality code means a high-quality website.  Run your website through quality assurance processes to make sure.

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