Trendwatching consumer highlights for 2012

Trend Watching 2012 Highlights

One of my favorite marketing trends web sites is TrendWatching, or rather, the monthly reports, and yearly predictions they send me in my email inbox!

This years email, with a top 12 list of consumer trend predictions for 2012, had a few trends that seemed especially useful for those of us who work on web marketing teams, or managing a company’s or organization’s web presence.

Here are my four favorite, most relevant trends:

  • Idlesourcing – making it super easy for consumers to share ideas and problem solve together in the digital space. Hello forums and reviews!
  • Flawsome – why companies who behave like humans and show flaws will gain support (an emphasis on authenticity!) Those of you who share – or even flaunt – your flaws will gain status as awesome, or just real and relatable, and therefore, ironically enough, more trustworthy. Tweet when you make a mistake, and let people know what you learned from it, and how you’ll do things differently next time.
  • Screenculture – mobile devices /tablets are taking over. Big duh. But seriously folks, install the mobile plugin for your WordPress site. Do it (and then make sure you customize it to make it serve your purposes and your visitor’s needs.) 
  • Pointknow – people are used to finding text-based information, now they want to be able to look at visually represented information visually and instantly know what they need to know. Info graphics are a huge trend. Make friends with a designer and work out a work trade if you must, but if you deal with numbers or information that can be represented visually to help your visitors find and retain it, do it!

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