How to add another domain (and WordPress) on your hosting account

One of my goals for this quarter was to learn not only how to create a portfolio site for myself, but to be able to create them for other people (my fiance, my family members, potentially clients, etc.) So while I should be working on my OWN site this weekend (heh) I have on the side started helping Jeremy build his.

One of the challenges I encountered was when I went to do a WordPress install of my new domain on FatCow, my hosting service, so I wanted to share how Kathy and I troubleshot that situation in case you ever want to set up another website of your own.

First, in my FatCow control panel I went to “DomainCentral” and clicked on “Register Domain.”

Register Domain at FatCow

Then I found my domain name of choice and purchased it, just like when setting up my original domain.

But when I tried to install WordPress on the new domain, it gave me this message:

Overwrite warning

I had not set up a new domain home directory for my new domain. The default setting by FatCow is to give it the same “root” home directory as my original domain, so essentially I was trying to install WordPress twice into the same location.

So I went to “DomainCentral” where it displayed both domains I own. I expanded both and then gave my new domain its own home directory as a subdirectory of my root folder.

Giving the new domain a home directory

After that I was able to go back to the Control Panel and install WordPress successfully on my new domain.

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