Ops, India did it again!

When we reside in a country like the US, we tend to forget that not every place on Earth enjoys the freedom of press and speech that we get to experience…  According to a recent report by NYT, the Indian government will meet with local executives of Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft to work on a plan regarding using this platforms as watchdogs before content gets published on social media and online outlets to prevent the appearance of seditious materials. According to Mashable.com, executives will explain Indian Government that their request isn’t doable since the number of user generated content, and the fact that they are not in a position to decide what could be considered “inflammatory” content.

Nevertheless, it isn’t the first time that Indian government tries such a stratagem. Last April, the government demanded internet service providers to delete every piece of information online that either government officials or citizens could found disturbing.  Also, last year, the government threaten to shut Blackberry after the carrier denied access to encrypted data from local law enforcement. And if it wasn’t enough, is trying to set up its own monitor on social media and the internet.

Who do you think will win: India’s government or the internet? I bet a million to the internet… Ops, I may get busted by Indian government!



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