How to customize your Facebook Page (with code)

In the current digital media space there are quite a lot different services that allow you to personalize your Facebook Page. You could find from expensive and exclusive designs to cheaper and affordable customization options for small companies. Some “ready to made” options are:

  • Involver: This company gives you the option of having two free social tabs in your Facebook page (Twitter feed tab, RSS, Flickr, Youtube and so on).
  • Pagemodo also givespagemodo welcome tab  you the opportunity to customize a welcome page for free (you can have a customize header with three buttons to link to other content). If you want more exclusive features you can find customize options as coupons tabs, contact forms tabs and so on for a very good price.

These options are great for not technical customers and small business. However, these options don´t give you the chance to design your own content in the tab and link it to an specific URL. With a little bit of basic HTML code you can also do this by your own! It is easy and you will feel like a geek after that!

We are going to use the free app Wildfire. Log into your Facebook account and search for “WildFire”. This will drive you to the installation page. Just click and allow the application. If you own several pages the application will ask you in which specific page you want your new tab.


Once you have access to the application, you can choose if you want to display a different page for your Fan/no fans users in this tab. For example, if you are creating a welcome tab, you may want a “Like me” welcome page for Non Fans and a “let me show you my latest updates and content” page for your already existing FB users. However, if you are creating this tab just for a specific type of content (seasonal promotion, event and so on) you might not need two different pages.

The code that you should insert is:

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”http:/image.jpg” alt=”Textalternative” /></a>

What is this? What does it mean?

<a href=”; This part of the code is pointing out to which website or URL this image should drive your users.

” target=”_blank” You don´t want that your Facebook users leave your Facebook page after open this link. For that reason, this piece of code allows you to open your website in a new browser tab.

<img src=”http:/image.jpg” Even if you have your picture saved in your computer, it has to be somewhere in the web in order to use it as a link. If the image is from your website, you just have to right click in your website image and “copy image URL”.

However, if the image that you want to use it is not in your website, my easy way to do it is to upload the image to your Facebook profile and make completely private. Then, you just have to copy the image URL and paste it in this area.

alt=”Textalternative” /> This is an alternative text, a description of the image just in case it doesn´t show up.

</a> Don´t forget to close the HTML!!!

With this little piece of code you can design a fabulous image for your tab in photoshop or other software and upload it very easily.

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2 responses to “How to customize your Facebook Page (with code)”

  1. Avi Kaye says :

    Did you know that you can also add your entire website to Facebook, without any code at all? Install the MyWebees application (just go to and you can import your site right into your Facebook page. Which is pretty cool 🙂

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