Is your phone being tracked?

After I posted the comment on indoor maps and “tagged” shopping carts to track customers’ shopping behavior, which I find extremely scary and invasive, I found an another article about tracking customers but this is related to iPhones and Andoids.

Have any of you heard about Carrier IQ? Well, this company that provides tracking tools to phone companies had been in lately in the news because it was found to be monitoring Andoid devices. iPhone owners beware because Apple’s smart phone also has this software deep down that is hard to find, unless someone knows what to look for.

But there’s hope! According to a story published on this topic on untitled “Carrier IQ tracking iPhone customers too, hacker says”  IQ’s software on iPhone works in a different way than that on Android, since the feature can be turned off easily as opposed to Android devices where is embedded in such a way that is virtually impossible to disable it.

The hacker known as “Chpwn” also pointed out on CNET’s story that iPhones still using this feature share way less information than Andoids, which provides phone number, location, country, active calls and carrier. According to “Chpwn” iPhone only includes location if that service is enabled by the customer.

So if you are as jealous as I am regarding privacy, you might think twice before getting an Android device.


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