User Scenarios for a Mobile Content Strategy

It is not enough to ask WHO is coming to your web site. The “what, where, why and how” are questions that help make up the use case, or “user scenario.”

A scenario is a representative example of a situation in which your primary user would be visiting your site on a mobile device.

Having a separate user scenario for your mobile site is critical, as the reasons, conditions, and situations in which users visit sites from mobile devices are often quite different from those for a regular sized browser. Even the same users would have different scenarios for visiting the same site from different platforms.

Ahava Leibtag’s article on CMS Wire entitled Mobile Content Strategy: Creating User Scenarios outlines the necessity for creating separate user scenarios for mobile, as well as gives examples of how a scenario would differ for the same user on a different platform.

In her example of a pregnant woman visiting a site for other expectant mothers, Leibtag gives several compelling reasons why the reasons for visiting and the surrounding conditions/environment would be totally different for the woman using the mobile version of a site, as opposed to her computer at work.


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