Cyber Monday becomes Mobile Everyday

If you thought you were hip because you shopped on “Cyber Monday” instead of “Black Friday” this year…well, you’re already outdated.

Cyber Monday is the nickname given to the Monday after Thanksgiving (way back in 2005, apparently) when shoppers who usually hit up the post-Thanksgiving sales took advantage of their speedy workplace broadband to tiptoe into the new world of online shopping. Retailers started to see sales spike on both Friday AND Monday, as shoppers took advantage of both traditional and new ways to buy.

But consumers’ shopping habits have continued to evolve along with new ways of accessing the Internet. People don’t need to wait until Friday or even Monday to shop – according to Akamai, peak traffic this year was during Thanksgiving evening. Why?

Along with more people having fast broadband at home, the big shift is in mobile shopping. Increased use of mobile phones by consumers combined with improved mobile interfaces from retailers make for the perfect combination for shopping anytime that’s convenient – like, say, that comatose half-hour after Thanksgiving dinner.

According to PayPal, mobile payment volume increased 511 percent from Thanksgiving 2010 to this year, and they saw a 350 percent increase in global customers using PayPal mobile on Thanksgiving.

So what does this all mean from a web presence perspective? To echo Cheryl’s post, your web presence better be mobile-friendly, especially if you are an e-commerce site.

Did you shop via mobile this year? How was your user experience?


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