LinkingIn WordPress: More Blog for your Buck

If you pull up to a 4-way stop in torrential rainfall and honk your horn with nobody else in sight, your horn still makes noise – just like when your fingers strike the keys of your laptop, words are produced.

But what good are those words if nobody reads them?  What good is your honk if nobody hears it?

This is why it is such a cool idea to have your WordPress blogs linked in to LinkedIn, so your audience becomes bigger in the digital equivalent of a finger snap.

And it’s not hard.

Integrating your blog into LinkedIn can be as simple as a plugin – not only enhancing your visibility, but showing off your work to connections presumably more valuable to your career than, say, the average Facebook friend.

Although this is hardly a novelty for veteran bloggers and frequent LinkedIn users, what may be beyond many users of both is just how easy and stress-free the process is:

  • Log on to LinkedIn
  • Go to Apps
  • Click on WordPress Plugin
  • Click on Add App
  • Insert your blog’s URL & password
  • Click on Edit inside WordPress App
  • Decide if all posts (or just those with a “linkedin” tag) will be visible
  • Click on Save

When your WordPress blogs are synchronized with your profile page on LinkedIn, it’s not uncommon for those posts to appear under “Other Info About You”.

It is assumed anyone undertaking the challenge of a WordPress blog can write.  What’s remarkable is how it is so wrongly assumed that those same folks – including me – are on solid footing when it comes to capitalizing on the myriad ways to get those words read.


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About Thor Tolo

Thor came to Seattle in 2004 after seven years anchoring sports and hosting an evening talk show once honored as Pennsylvania’s best at the world’s first radio station KDKA. He covered his fourth Super Bowl as host of "Live From Seattle" before anchoring news for Seattle's KOMO Newsradio. Thor enjoyed an Emmy award winning TV career in Cleveland before hosting mornings on Twin Cities sports station KFAN - the flagship station of the Minnesota Vikings Radio Network he anchored in the mid-1990s. Thor lives in Belltown and is pursuing his Master of Communication in Digital Media (exp. 2012) at the University of Washington.

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