WordPress and the Photographer

As I start to work on creating a blog to accompany my website, I’m searching for inspiration, and advice.


When I need a bit of inspiration, I tend to look to the classics.  I love to flip through photography books that I have collected at see the work of photographers whom I consider to be masters.  It makes me see how the best images are often the most simple.  Simple is something I am striving for in my work, and for my online presence.

I also like to keep abreast on work that my contemporaries are working on.  Whether they are friends, or photographers whose work I admire from afar.

In addition it’s important to take a look at photographers whose blogs feel inspirational.


Below are links that I have found that lead to articles focusing on the photographer and WordPress based sites/blogs.  From Plugins to e-commerce to mistakes to avoid, the following articles provide information specific to photographers working with WordPress.

Ten common mistakes made by photographers using wordpress

20 WordPress Plugins For Better Image Handling

Build Your Photography Business with SmugMug for WordPress

WordPress Gallery Proofing Solution with Flaunt & NextGen

DMAlbums WordPress Plugin

Watermark Reloaded: Easy WordPress Watermarking


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