Portfolio Design Analysis


For my portfolio site, my main focus is to create something that is clear and easy to navigate, with all my relevant work experience at the forefront. I want this site to serve as my online resume, showcasing my professional work and skill set, in addition to serving as a reflection of my personality and my digital knowhow. I’m looking for layout that is simple yet makes a strong statement, and also allows the user to easily navigate between pages and find the information they are looking for. As a former newspaper reporter, I have lots of news articles and photos to accompany my stories. I would like to showcase the photography and have the picture serve as a link to the articles. My color scheme will have dark contrasting colors, most likely black and white to keep the layout simple and to allow the photos to standout.


I would like my online portfolio to remain consistent in color and layout throughout, and feature several static pages, such as an about me section, resume, professional portfolio and contact information. The links to these pages should appear at the top of every page with a category-orientated drop down menu to allow the user to easily find the information they want. I also would like my site to feature links to webpages of my former employers, in addition to my social networking profiles. My site will feature media plug-ins to accommodate video and other multimedia projects I work on during my professional and student life. I want this website to grow with me.


My main audience to the site are potential employers most likely following up on my job application. I plan to include the site on my resume, and use it to showcase my professional experience and digital abilities beyond what I can fit on a piece of paper. The site also will serve as my electronic business card to peer professionals who Google me, or link to the site from my social media pages.


I chose three websites as possible competitors. All function as online resumes and portfolios with an emphasis on writing.

The first site I chose is Kellen Henry’s portfolio. I actually know Kellen. We worked together at a newspaper in West Virginia. She now lives and works in Washington, D.C. I love her choice of a stark clean background with a revolving set of strong photographs that link to her articles on her homepage. Her site is to-the-point and easy to navigate, and I like how at the top of every page she lists her name and her job titles. At the top of each page, she also has four drop down menus: work, about, subscribe and search. The work drop down menu links to sections featuring her blogging, multimedia and writing experience. Under her about drop down section, users can find a link to her bio, contact information and resume. There are many elements on her site I would like to incorporate into mine, but I would change certain elements to fit my needs.

The next site is Jason Headley’s website. He’s also a West Virginia transplant, in addition to a writer, actor and director. His site is simple and clean, with the banner on each page stating his name and what he does: “Jason Headley Tell Stories.” I also like his use of block pictures featuring large titles, telling the user what they are and linking to his work. I’m not a big fan of the rest of his site. It’s also clean, but has lots of sideways scrolling features that make it difficult to navigate and figure out what he’s trying to sell.

For my final page, I’m going to again refer to Jason Headley. He has a second site focuses more on his freelance work, but it is just as inspired. The homepage design is bright and clever. It lists his work in an unique way that plays into his work experience.

Possible Themes











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One response to “Portfolio Design Analysis”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Hi, Veronica – GraphPaperPress makes very nice templates! One challenge with Kellen’s site is that it’s not clear what the “blogging” category of work is supposed to be. And all the content is “old” — that can be a problem for all of us. Think about how you will keep your content current.

    Think about how someone with an iPad might navigate Jason’s “slider” (which seems to require arrow keys). Would the person click on the image or go away? Very linear design (reflects the mindset of someone used to directing video).

    Think about what you want to say about yourself other than the resume. This is the hardest part!

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