Ruba’s Initial Competitive Analysis


My site will serve as a profile site that will be the mixture of my professional and social life and will tell the story of who I am. The purpose of this site is to house all of my credentials, academic and professional experience as well as contact information in one organized space, and to help me land my next job opportunity since soon, my contract with Microsoft will expire. In short, I want this site to tell the story of who I am at a glance.


I had planned all along to create a site that compiles all of my information, writings, and favorite articles, videos and images about Syria in one organized/authentic looking space, however, I decided at the last minute to start with my profile site first and then create the Syria site later on, therefore, I am just now starting to think about the criteria I will be using to judge the effectiveness of design, aesthetics and functionality. Here is my first stab at what those criteria should be:

  1. Design: Layout, Creativity, Content Selection, Content Organization
  2. Aesthetics: Colors, Images and Videos, Uniqueness (Stands out)
  3. Functionality: Ease of Navigation, Gadgets and Plug Ins, Hyper Links, searchability

Possible Audiences:

  1. Prospective Employers: As I mentioned above, soon my contract with Microsoft will expire and I will be on the hunt for my next opportunity. I would like to add this site address to my resume to enhance employers’ candidate search and information seeking process. Examples of prospective employers could be Microsoft HR, Microsoft Managers, Microsoft and non-Microsoft Recruiting Agencies, and finally agents.
  2. MCDM Community: This audience will be folks from the MCDM community, be it alums, staff and faculty members, current MCDM’ers, and even potential MCDM students who are browsing the net looking to reconnect with MCDM goers, or looking to learn more about the program itself and people’s experiences.
  3. Social Circle: This group will be friends from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Slide Share, and Google+ who either want to take our virtual friendship to the next level or who simply noticed the link to my profile website and so took the time to click on it to learn more about Ruba Hachim even if just out of curiosity.

Competitive Sites:

I would guess my 3 competitive sites will be people just like me with profile websites who are trying to promote themselves and catch the attention of employers on the hunt. Here are examples I found of sites that I consider competition: 

  1. Julie Kramer:
  2. Lin Zuo:
  3. Priscila Palatini:


One response to “Ruba’s Initial Competitive Analysis”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Ruba, well thought out and organized. Interesting that you included a LinkedIn profile – we should all think about how we are presenting ourselves there.

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