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As a photographer I have tired several times to create blogs that will showcase work that is not seen on my website, talk about documentary projects I work on, support other artists, or showcase a different style of photography that my audience may not know I do.  With this blog I hope to add these aspects all together in one spot, plus showcase any multimedia projects I have created.  I would also like to include story-telling on this blog.  Whether it be telling stories behind the work, or offering the opportunity for readers to tell their stories and share their work.   I would like the blog to be interactive if possible. A post on Photoshelter’s blog offers up some interesting ideas on how to draw in an audience, and keep a photo-blog alive.

Of course, I would like there to be photo galleries or slideshows, but with a spin.  I have looked at two options for image viewing; Shutter Reload which “darkens the current page and displays an image on top,” and Lightbox 2 which is a plug in “used to overlay images on the current page into neat Javascript-powered overlay popups.” I’m not sure if these are exactly the ideas I have in mind, as they look a bit basic to me.  I would like to find something sophisticated, that matches my current portfolio website.  I might like to include the option for individuals to buy images they like directly from the blog, an option that can happen with a little help from buythisimage.   Julie Harris, a photographer from Denver, has a blog that has a bit of what I’m looking for.

Since I want this blog to include multimedia work, I need to look for a theme that can host both video and still work.

Some themes that have caught my eye include:

Gigawatt, which ranges between $50 and $125 to install.

Pagelines, which ranges between %95 and $175 to install.

Smashing MultiMedia, free!

FotoFolio, free!

The main goal is to keep the site simple, so that the work featured is the focal point. Navigation should be simple and instinctive, this includes incorporating information regarding social media opportunities.  I don’t think a search box is necessary on a blog like this, as it will feature mostly images and video presentations. I would like the posts to present themselves in galleries, with the newest images or videos at the top, and previous galleries presented either to the side or at the bottom.  Rather than keep a blog roll, I will cross link within posts if necessary.

In the past the audience’s I’ve aimed for has been very diverse.  From those who have an interest  in bi-racial/multi-racial issues, to expectant mothers people looking for traditional photography needs, to other visual artists.  In creating this new blog, I hope that my audience will include all these people, as well as those interested simply in photography, multimedia creations, and those looking to hire someone with my skill set.  I believe most of the visitors to my current website, will be those who will be the initial visitors to my site.  If I had to segment my current audience it would be family based, suburban living,  looking for family portrait photography.  Nielsen’s PRIZM segmentation groups that define this category include: Kids & Cul-de-sacsFast-Track FamiliesAmerican Dreams and White Picket Fences to name just a few.  With the new blog, I hope to increase the viewership to include a more diverse audience.

I’m going to focus on comparing blogs that feature the type of style I would like to grow into, rather than what my current competition is – family portraiture and event photographers.

To say that Chase Jarvis would be my competition is a great joke.  It’s like comparing Canlis to McDonald’s. That being said, he’s got some great stuff going on, and I would love to one day be in the same arena.  His blog is great. I love how it is simple in design, and diverse in nature.  Also, his work is incredible.

John Keatley is a Seattle photographer, whose work I love, but is a different style than mine.  I like John’s blog, but wish it were a bit more compact, with galleries instead of scrolling down and down and down to see all the previous posts.  I do like how most of his posts are social media ready, giving readers the opportunity to share individual posts or the blog as a whole.  I also like how he incorporates reviews, personal images, video, tutorials, and professional images into his blog; giving his audience a look into all aspects of his world.

The blog on Ryder Pictures features mostly editorial work. I like how the work is set up in galleries, but I wish the galleries were labeled, or categorized in some way as it is you have to roll over each gallery to figure out what is featured inside.  I like the news feed to the right of the blog, which connects people through a different venue. I wish there was a bit more structure to this site, but like the design in theory.


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  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Hi, Rachel – you might want to write a bit more about Nielsen’s audience segmentation as a tools or trends post. Nice annotation of screen captures!

    We need the links to the sites you are looking at … and remember not to make a word possessive when what you mean is plural. Also, while this post is tagged correctly (assignment) your one participation-post is also tagged assignment. It’s not an assignment – it should be tagged according to its content – design, tools, trends, etc.

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