Portfolio Website Analysis

For my portfolio site, I would like it to be clear and easy to access the relevant information. I see this site as a digital resume, but more interesting and interactive. I want the design to reflect my personality and abilities. I want the look of the site to be clean and crisp. I don’t want a lot of graphics, but I may try to incorporate some photography for aesthetic value. I haven’t decided on a color scheme yet. That will depend on the theme I choose and the options for personalization offered.

I’d like my site to feature a number of static pages (about me, professional experience, contact info, etc.), as well as (possibly) a blog. It should be easy and clear to navigate, with the same layout on every page of the site to avoid any confusion. I also want to have buttons that direct people to my social network profiles.

The largest audience is potential employers, specifically sports teams or organizations. I hope to help myself stand out in an economy overwhelmed by people looking for work. Additionally, contacts made while networking and colleagues/classmates are possible audiences. I have listed the site on my MCDM business card, making easy to direct traffic there.

After searching the web, I’ve selected three sites as possible competitors. None of the sites function exactly as I envision mine, and there are things about each I would change.


First is Alastaire Allday’s portfolio. I love the clean, simple layout of the site, and appreciate that he features a basic intro on the front page as well as easy navigation to more information. I would like to incorporate some color into my own site, as I find Allday’s site very stark in appearance.


Next is FT Designer. This is a site for a graphic designer, which is a completely different area of interest than my own. I really love the first frame of this site. It uses dark print on light background for any text, but also has more than a plain white background. There is navigation to different areas of the site as well. I don’t like that all the content is actually contained on one page and the navigation doesn’t follow at the top of the page as you scroll down. This makes navigating between sections once you move past the entry point difficult.


Finally is Juan Diego Velasco, a web designer. This site is the busiest, but does an excellent job of carrying the theme through all parts of the design from top to bottom. I love the wording used in the basic intro featured at the top of the page. This site also is a single page, though that’s stated in the introduction, and the navigation is harder within the body of the page.

Possible Plugins:
Removing Comments
Sexy Bookmarks
Twitter Widget
WP Touch – for mobile
WP Super Cache

Possible Themes:
I had a hard time narrowing down possible themes.  Here are a few different ones that appealed to me.

Auto Focus
Custom Community
Frisco for Buddypress

Finally, I wanted to share a fun site I found while exploring around the internet.  All the animation on Also Online is flash, but I still think it’s pretty awesome.  It’s really worth clicking through to check out.


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About Elizabeth W

MCDM grad school student, commutes for a great part-time job, travels when there's time and money, loves sports and food, attempts fashion, enjoys randomness.

One response to “Portfolio Website Analysis”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Hi, Elizabeth – you have a well-honed design ethic. What dramatic/powerful image do you have in mind for your home page? Do you have a photo of you?

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