Portfolio Site Design – Showcasing the Work

I want to create a simple, visually enticing portfolio site that showcases my work as a digital media producer and content creator. I want the site itself to act like a canvas, letting the work stand out rather than the colors, branding and background of the site. At the same time, I’d like to brand the site with my own logo and color scheme, thereby not making it feel so much like a “template” site. I like movement (my current portfolio is a Flash site), but until I verse myself more in HTML5 and Java script, I’ll let the theme handle any changing photos or animations. I plan to use a theme with multiple widget areas so I can set up columns in which to display various types of media that include print design work, web design work, video, photography and writing samples.

The navigation for this site will be simple and obvious: Home, About, Portfolio, Contact and Blog. I’ll do some keyword research and try to be a little more creative with the button labels for SEO purposes, but generally it will be a typical navigation that I plan to style through CSS. Plugins will include a contact form as to minimize spammers from my email and a twitter feed on my home page. Additionally, I am still researching media plugins to handle video and imagery. I’m also trying to determine the best way to display Flash animations (banner ads, interactive training animations, web sites and navigations) that I’ve designed over the years. A lot of those will have to be uploaded to the site itself, since a lot of the URL’s that house them are restricted.

The primary audience for the site will be potential employers and clients; digital media agencies, small businesses, video production companies, etc. Additionally, people interested in digital media, technology, design and video may venture onto the site as I plan to blog about these things and hopefully attract traffic to the site with effective SEO.

Here are some digital media portfolio sites, primarily from the Seattle and Denver areas, that may be considered competitors to mine:

Meagan Digital Media Group

Meagan Digital Media Group

Dan Secrest Interactive

Dan Secrest Interactive

Studio 5 Creative

Studio 5 Creative

The following are possible theme’s I am considering using for the base of my site:

F8 Lite – I think this theme would give me the flexibility to really play with the colors and use imagery to really drive the look and feel of the site. It would also let me showcase the various types of multi-media I have produced over the years. I would want to add a logo and brand the site accordingly.

Showcase – Another theme that, if I played with the colors and fonts, could be customized and branded to showcase my work in an effective way.

Perfekto – One I would have to pay for, but very customizable. I am actually leaning toward this theme as it would really showcase my work in a great way.


One response to “Portfolio Site Design – Showcasing the Work”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Derek, you may not want to have content by column area. If you have a lot of content in each area, consider a full page. The Meagan Digital site is one of the few that provides detail about the project (web site design). This is an important and often overlooked detail.

    You have picked sites that are actually studios with major call to action — is this part of your goal?

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