Portfolio Design Analysis

I have two blogs, three video-sharing sites, and two online photo galleries. They’ve all been running perfectly, I love sharing my work and story with people, but I feel a bit exhausted.

It’s time to find a way to manage all these into a final official Ting’s website.


Currently I have one online portfolio that just simply links all my other sites.I want something more. I envision this portfolio site to showcase my digital work and interesting stories behind. I want to leave people the impression: she’s a devoted storyteller and multimedia producer.

Simplicity is key. The overall visual design of the site has to be simple yet powerful. I don’t allow clutter on the home page; just an appealing large still photo used as fullscreen background will be fine, together with a brief bio, and the navigation banner, including home, about, photography, video project, blog, and contact (names TBD).

To make my work stand out and avoid overusing colors, I’d apply light and clean background color to all the secondary pages. Every multimedia work will be displayed as feature image with a few lines of caption. I’m thinking of creative ways to present them in the page, so love the idea of worrydream.

I’ll wisely choose widgets because too many of them will confuse visitors, but social media share buttons are highly welcomed throughout pages.

Here are some themes I like.

1. Contrast : http://themeforest.net/item/contrast/68089


2. BigFeature : http://themeforest.net/item/bigfeature-wordpress-theme/51702



No complexity and confusion at all. For those who just want to have a quick impression of who I am and what I do, the secondary pages only will give them the brief idea; for those who want to dig more, the clearly-defined and intuitive navigating system will enable them a pleasant journey on my website. The principle of the usability design is to cater both visitors.

As mentioned earlier, the navigation menu on the home page is very simple and category-oriented. There are not going to be lots of layers. All my projects for each category (photography, video) will be reasonably arranged in each secondary page, so visitors won’t do a lot of back and forth clicks.  There will be a navigation menu, same as the one on the home page, on top of every page that can take them elsewhere without them going back to the home page.

Media plug-ins are essential on my website, since it’s going to handle various media work. I’m also thinking of apply RSS to my blog. Social media will be integrated thoroughly into all pages, to every single still, to all pieces of video work, to all my blog posts. I want to make my site easier to share.


  • Potential employers and clients: They’ll probably be the primary audience of my website, since I’m going to place the URL of my portfolio in resume.
  • Peer professionals in digital media industry: With the same interest and passion, they are able to know better about my work and personality via my website, and their feedback will be very valuable.
  • Long time followers of my various online presence:For friends, family members who’ve been lasting fans of my blogs, online photo/video sharing sites, my social media accounts, now it’s good news that they only need to land on one destination to view everything about me.


I don’t limit my competitors geographically. The reason I pick them out is because the overall style and structure of their sites is pretty much similar to my taste, but some changes will be made to serve my needs.

1. http://www.colinlewis.se/

Colin Lewis

Very brilliant home page. It combines the bio and navigation together, and the color set is clean, elegant. In generally, all the pages are full of sense of design.

2. http://www.nicktrost.com/index.html

Nick Trost

The home page design is fantastic, but I don’t like the way he lists the work, dull and visually not enjoyable. He could use more images to add vivid and brightness.

3. http://www.tr8cii.com/

Tracy Wang

Full of artistic capacity. The home page is compelling and the secondary pages brace some creative details. The overall design is a great fit for a fashion professional, because the audience can totally perceive who she is and what she does.


4 responses to “Portfolio Design Analysis”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Hi, Ting – I share your exhaustion. 🙂 I agree that the design of Nick’s home page is striking – but I don’t understand the metaphor — what does a naked tree have to do with Nick’s work? He’s not a designer, he’s a journalist.

    You seem attracted to these dramatic “covers” — what images do you have in mind?

    • Ting Kang says :

      Thanks Kathy for your comments!

      I share Nick’s page basically because of the home page template, I like the fullscreen background with a single navigation banner. I already have some image candidates in mind to be my cover.

      I’ve found some of the themes like this, but they are all paid, so I’m wondering whether it’s possible to modify some of the current free wordpress themes and make them look similar to this.

  2. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Ting – take a look at Graph Paper Press and see if you find a theme there that you like. I have a subscription. http://graphpaperpress.com/

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