Portfolio Analysis

An effective design, as I see it, should allow viewers to easily find the information they are looking for. So therefore, design and functionality should walk hand in hand, since design will provide the layout, while functionality will provide the navigation and the links to the information, in this case my professional portfolio.
I believe that the most effective design is the simplest, easy to navigate through because the main objective of having my portfolio is to display the experience I have in different areas or media outlets, the projects I have developed for either different companies or different departments… so that potential employers or clients can browse through my professional experience and be aware of my abilities, skills and capabilities.
Aesthetically I would like my portfolio to be also simple, minimalistic but attractive, and very visual.
The possible audiences I can think of are: potential employers/clients, fellow journalists,  people interested in either entertainment or Mexican politics.
Finding and choosing websites of competitors was a tall order, because most print journalists have really ugly, crowded portfolios because we aren’t media gurus or tech savvy enough to create something better and mostly, more attractive to look at. I hope I will make this happen!
These three journalist are competitors because we share a very similar professional background: Experience with video production, and writing for print and online publications.
 I will take the front page, but since I am not a photographer but most my experience has been as a newspaper/magazine editor, I will post a snapshot of one of the publications I worked for (if it is legal?)
From http://www.andreaalegria.com/ I will take the layout of the “writing” section, where snapshots of the stories she has published are shown in the context of the media outlet.
From http://www.alanhaburchak.com/multimedia/ I will definitely follow the video posting layout, and sidebars but I will definitely avoid having a slide of videos, as he does, right underneath the navigation bar.

About Mariana Llamas-Cendon

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One response to “Portfolio Analysis”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    I like Daniel Sato’s home page – the quotes on mouseover. No you can’t put a PDF/PNG of a publication on your home page as the background!

    Yes, Andrea’s solution works for providing links to PDFs. You don’t want ALL CAPS though.

    Now revisit these sites and analyze the about me pages. 🙂

    Also, remember the -more- tag! No full length posts on the home page.

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