Portfolio Analysis – LisaKennelly.com

My portfolio site will showcase  my work as a social media strategist, editor and writer.

Criteria to judge effectiveness

  • Easy to navigate – can you find what you’re looking for quickly?
  • Clean and streamlined – not cluttered with features or buttons; simple rather than busy.
  • A clear theme that is consistent throughout in text and appearance; no clashing colors unless they are purposefully calling out a certain element.
  • Accessible for all – those who are not tech-savvy will still be able to navigate and use the site.
  • Links to all applicable content – resume, social media channels and work samples.
Possible Audiences
  • Potential employers who may be searching my name and background when I apply for jobs or if they are seeking candidates for an open position.
  • Conference organizers looking for speakers or panel participants who can speak about social media strategy.
  • Family members who want to see my work and keep track of what I’m doing.

Competitive Sites


This site comes up on the first page when you search for social media strategist Seattle. While his site is focused on SEO strategy, which I would not highlight as a skill on my own page, it’s possible someone searching for my site could land here. The image in the top banner is a little grainy and I don’t like the white text on top, but I do like the “Connect with Me” social media bar on the right side and the prominent “Home” “About Me” and “Contact” pages in the top left.


I actually used to work with Kelly at a past job, but I didn’t know her page would pop up as a possible competitor when I searched for social media strategist Seattle (hi Kelly!) I wouldn’t go with this color pattern or those title tags for myself, but I like the strong, attention-drawing banner and title and the top navigation bar “Home – Blog – About – Media – Work with Me – Contact” which makes it very easy to navigate. The social media buttons on the left I find a little too hidden. I am not sure I will have as robust a blog component on my site, so I will likely not display the blog posts so prominently on the landing page.


This is my favorite site of the ones I found (by googling sports social media strategist…I would potentially like to optimize my sports background on my portfolio site.) I love how clean this site is, with the white background, large (and original!) photo on the homepage, six clear page options in the top nav and four alternative navigation options in the bottom nav. This site has a sense of humor yet is still professional, with a clear mission statement on the homepage. You can tell there is a distinct personality behind the site and you want to learn more about them.

My three potential WordPress designs are:





About Lisa

Living in Vancouver and obsessing over food.

One response to “Portfolio Analysis – LisaKennelly.com”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Hi, Lisa – look at Marc’s home page again. A challenge with leading with a blog is writing regularly – his most recent post is 18 months ago. Maybe he stopped
    writing when he got his job at Amazon?

    Heather is http://heatherhenricks.com/ — I like her photos on the inside. Not too sure about the rabbit ears one on the home page though!

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