Personal Portfolio Analysis


As I will graduate in a couple of month from the MCDM, this personal portfolio pretends to be a showcase to present my skills and my work and find a job at the end. For that reason, it has to show the type of skills that it will be required for the type of job that I want and also be concise and attractive to potential recruiters or companies.


The main problem that I have is that my CV and previous professional experience are between two completely different paths and it is difficult to communicate both types of skills in a single CV. One is very researcher type (academic papers and research projects, scholarships and so on) but in the last two years I tried to build a more “professional” CV. As I want to apply for both academic and professional jobs, I want to create a space where I can show both sides without being boring or not attractive to my audience (a Social Media Agency recruiter may consider interesting or complementary my research side but not too relevant for the specific job application).


The homepage will be an image of me that will drive to two different areas. One part of the image will drive users to a more research space. They will find my research papers, academic CV and pieces of my written work. The other side of my image will go to another part more social media strategist oriented, with my professional work and case studies and examples of my previous experience in Social Media or Graphic Design.

Aesthetics Criteria:

  • Clear and simple design: Clear space that inspires transparency and a concise goal and work.
  •  Attractiveness: It has to attract the attention of the users and sell the concept easily.
  • Reflecting my own and personal style.


  •  Simple and clear navigation: Users will be able to go back to the main homepage or have access to the second type of profile.
  •  Provide an easy shortcut to see the second type of profile. For that purpose, it will be always “tips” or short quotes in the right side of the page to draw user´s attention to the other side of the page.


  • Recruiters: These people have tons of applications every day and need to find if you have the skills for the job in a very short time. For that reason, key words and a concise style is needed.
  • Companies: Companies that already saw my application and they want to know more about me. For them, it is essential to get a first good impression and present them examples of my CV to show my skills in practice.
  • University professors or Academic word: This target use to be very focus on number of scholarships, papers or work that you have done. For them, this type of information has to be very accessible in the research part, providing real examples (PDFs of the work done) or links to other pages as a way to show that expertise.

Competitors and competitive advantage:

  • Social Media job hunters: As me, there are a lot of students or young professionals competing for the same jobs. As this more research area may not be a requirement for the job offering, having it as a complementary type of skills could show my strategic and critical thinking skills that could differentiated my profile.
  • PhD students: Usually this target doesn´t have very visual websites or any type of web presence. Making a nice, clear and visual portfolio could show my “practical” skills and present my profile in a more attractive way.

One response to “Personal Portfolio Analysis”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Hi, Marina – showcasing different aspects of ourselves is not hard — we just have to avoid trying to block one side from the other. In other words, some integration (at least in navigation) is important. Remember to use the -more- tag in your posts … also, missing from this are three specific competitor sites.

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