logistikat.com–Seattle independent film

Criteria for design ‘effectiveness’–

  1. Aesthetics—something basic, simple, and clean, but needs to have some artistic “something.”
  2. Functionality—obviously, the basics need to be there. Possibly add forum capacity, polling or survey, and a callboard widget/page
  3. Design could be a little flashy, to bring filmmakers more into a transmedia frame-of-mind…
  4. Basically, the visual design needs to appeal to people who are artists and value composition, but not overwhelm the discussion

Possible Audiences–

  1. Seattle filmmakers—people who are either currently making, or want to be involved in the making of, “films.” These are locals who want help—either in the form of how-to advice, or specific crew assistance.
  2. Non-local filmmakers—people who want to talk about the how-to in general, and aren’t seeking direct help from local hands.
  3. Independent film buffs—people who just love the genre, and have an interest in how filmmakers do what they do
  4. Cast/crew/ personnel—those looking for information about what’s going on in the film scene in Seattle.


filmradar.com’s “Indie Blog” page. This one is specifically for indie film producers, about the how-to of cheap filmmaking. While I like the fun retro design, I don’t necessarily want to use the same type of thing. The one thing that filmradar’s site has that I see as a useful thing is a forum for discussion. For a locally-focused blog, I think that that would be a good thing to have.

Self-reliant film’s blog page. This site is similar to what I’m seeking to do; however, they are presented as more of a lecture than a discussion (not a knock on the format by any means–their information is great, and very helpful). I love the clean, b/w design, and the simple logo. It makes the blog feel more focused on the process, the topic at hand. This is a design element I want to emulate.

Seattle Office of Film + Music Blog. This is the blog site for the Seattle Office of Film + Music. This would be a competitor, because they are local, and they are focused on film (and music as well). Their design is pretty bland, actually, and the blog seems more focused on news and press releases than on a discussion of filmmaking on the local level. There isn’t much from this blog (other than the nice list of contacts and resources) that I wish to emulate.


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3 responses to “logistikat.com–Seattle independent film”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Two thumbs up on SelfReliant — nicely done! (and they are southern to boot)

    A challenge for you: 125-word statement of purpose.

    • Kat says :

      I *love* SelfReliant–they’re kind of the gurus of guerrilla.

      Is something like this what you’re thinking?:

      Much like an avalanche, the digital revolution is unstoppable. Logistikat.com is an open, curated discussion about how Seattle independent filmmakers can learn from, and take advantage of, the opportunities that this new digital media landscape provides. From first script drafts to transmedia release models, I hope to spark debate on best practices for new media content production at all stages, focusing on how to get the best results with micro-budgets and limited local staffing.

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