Emotions in Design – an opinion from Aarron Walter of Mailchimp.com

Screen shot of .Net article

We’ve won some user-centric design battles, says Aarron Walter, of Mailchimp.com, “Until recently, emotional design has not been a high priority in web design because we’ve been fighting battles on other fronts–spreading the word about web standards, translating the history of layout in graphic design into our medium, and making our interface design process user-centric.”


MailChimp.Com's cartoony simplicity in design, and chimp mascot add personality as the icing on the cake of solid UX design.

But according to Aarron’s recent article on .Net, the battle is mostly won, the best practices are mostly written, and we shouldn’t forget about the fun, and personality of your site. If connecting with your visitors on an emotional level can inspire trust, even camaraderie and loyalty, then bring it on.

That’s precisely what Aarron’s company, MailChimp.Com has done, and it has worked to their benefit.


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