Digital Portfolio Analysis

My Personal portfolio will encompass two different sides of my career : Digital and Music.

Having two large topics to split the website up with, the organization of the site will have to be incredibly organized so that the user understands which side of the portfolio they are looking at. Digital or Music.


As far as aesthetics and funtionality go, I would like the look of the website to be clean, minimalist, but also reflect my personality (creative/eccentric/ trendy/ fun).

I would like to be able to display a digital Resume, Social media links, Social media streams (widgets), links with great pictures to projects I’ve worked on, and a contact page.

I like example of how this person displays links to projects they have worked on


I would like to be able to list and link my career path. Being in a number of bands, I would like to be able to post media, and have a music streaming device  I would also like to have a place to update upcoming shows (calendar). There should also be a section for potential violin students- history and approach of lessons- and more info on requesting lessons.

Possible Audiences:

TOP 3:

1. Potential Employers or clients in need of social media services.

2. Other Musicians or people interested in finding out more information on my musicianship or info on acquiring music lessons.

3. People I meet at networking events or through school that need to know a little more information about me. (linked to my business card by QR code)

Competitive sites:

1. A personal website that includes music endeavors, experience, and contact for instruction. This is indeed a competitor because not only is this website highly focused around Seattle, but there are two of the requirements I have set for my own website; a list of experience and information on music lessons. What I really think is cool on this website is option to reserve and pay for private instruction directly on the website. This might come in handy for the digitally savvy parents of the children who will be my future students.

2. The organization of this website is simple, and intuitive. Although this person is show casing three different skill sets, you are still able to easily navigate through his content. I really like his theme, and the categorization at the bottom for easy navigation.

3. This website was chosen as an example of what I would like to avoid. I do not like the blog aspect of her portfolio. I wouldn’t mind linking my blog, or integrating it into the website, but I would not like the organization of my website to resemble that of a blog. I also do not the large amount of tabs at the top of her page for her users to click, it seems disorganized and should be integrated into larger categories to downsize the amount of initial options  users have to search through.


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About Samantha

MCDM grad student. Violinist and Californian.

One response to “Digital Portfolio Analysis”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Hey, Sam – remember to make your links “hot” (clickable). Robert’s site seems a logical one for you to look to for inspiration.

    Take a look at Jeremy’s site again … what’s missing from his portfolio? Any text that tells us what he did with those projects. Regarding Danielle — if you are a writer, I think you should be blogging because it showcases your writing – since that’s not your goal, then it wouldn’t make sense to set up a blog on your home page.

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