What can businesses do on Google Plus right now?

Since Google Plus launched for businesses last week, I’ve been reading up everything I can on the new page features. I either run or provide strategic guidance for many of my company’s clients’ social media pages, so if G+ is going to be added to everyone’s portfolios, I want to be savvy about it.

So far, I’m kinda frustrated.

The big obstacle is how you can only have one administrator per page. This makes it hard to share admin duties between co-workers and colleagues. You can’t secure a vanity URL, and there aren’t analytics set up yet. And I’m still really struggling with how G+ is different enough from Facebook to justify the switching cost. What can it provide that other sites can’t?

OK, so maybe I’m just impatient and G+ will add these things in time, per their “launch a new feature in beta and fix it as we go” policy.

On a more positive note, here are some opportunities I’ve noticed.

  • Animations. You can post .gifs on G+ (which you can’t do on Facebook with an app), which is appealing if you have that kind of visual content to display.
  • Hangouts. A potentially genius solution for videoconferencing and customer service.
  • Search. Of course Google is going to be speedy about indexing  posts from its own social network!
  • Circles. You can start sorting customers/clients (those who follow you) into circles and target posts at each group. If one of the big challenges of Facebook is cutting through the noise, this ability to segment can help followers know what to pay attention to.
  • Direct Connect. Eventually, if you add + before a brand name, it will take you right to that brand’s Google+ page (doesn’t seem to be set up for all pages yet though.)
Have any of you played around with Google+ pages? What do you like, and what drives you crazy?

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