Resolving WordPress Issues

There are a number of problems you may experience with WordPress, and one of the easiest ways to resolve many issues is by installing plugins.

A quick search of the internet showed some of the most common problems and the best plugs to use to solve those problems.  For example, IT Support Leeds explained that if you are having trouble with site load time, using WP Super Cache, which serves visitors static versions of pages that often accessed.

It’s also very important to backup your blog, with the frequency depending on how often you post or update your site.  WP-DB Backup is a plugin that used by many WP operators.  Another option is to use a FTP Client, such as Filezilla, to download the files onto your hard drive.

An issue that sometimes arises with database backups are the size of the backups you download and store.  It’s often recommended keeping four versions of your backup on file.  Web Designer Depot suggests going through the backup files to eliminate unnecessary files.  Plugins that track statistics or block spam often include information that doesn’t need to be backed up.

The post by Web Designer Depot also goes on to talk about issues with Plug Ins.  If you are having trouble with a plugin, the first step is to make sure you have updated to the most recent version of that plugin.  That often solves issues.

For a few funny tales of problems on WordPress (and potential solutions) you should also check out a post by James Goodbrad.

Obviously, this just covers a few of the issues on WordPress and the importance of plugins.  For more information, you can visit WordPress or do more specific searching online.


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