Fear of a Blogging Planet

The planet is humming with electricity and information.  This is not news to anyone, it’s been this way for a while now.  And it seems, that everyone is in on it.  Want to know how to lose weight, carve a pumpkin, become a Buddhist, or ways to cure toenail fungus?  There’s a blog for it.  People write, people read, people follow, and the cycle continues.  A blog is necessary  for almost all businesses.  There is not a business out there you could name that would benefit from not having a blog.  Free platforms help the world find their way, blogger, wordpress, tumblr etc.  These platforms direct and coddle us as we tread water in the mostly familiar information ocean.  Why then sometimes can it feel like one is drowning when it comes to creating and keeping up on blogs?

Let’s take a look at Gary.  An amateur photographer who is looking to make money off of his images.  He can go a few different routes.  Weekend craft/street fairs.  Etsy. A website with hosting and template ideas directed towards the working creative.  A blog. Or a combination of all the above.  Gary also works for the City of Scranton, Ohio so his days are very busy, leaving only nights and weekends to dedicate to his hobby.  His weekends are usually busy with soccer games and family functions, where he takes a lot of his images hoping that these types of images will get him some work in the stock photography business.  Gary takes a look around the internet late one evening, googling other Scranton area photographers and sees that the most common trend for photographers in his area is photo-blogging, and he decides to go for it.  He works throughout the night on his blog, creating a theme, adding a shopping cart and paypal option, finding photography plug-ins that create photo galleries, and slide shows.  When he’s finished, he posts one photo for his Photo-A-Day section, emails all his friends to check out his new blog and goes to bed.  During the course of the next week, Gary’s wife comes down with the flu, the nanny quits, he is responsible for the school carpool group for the week, helands a new project at work, and gets a flat tire on the way home from work one evening.  With five images posted on Gary’s blog, and a brief explanation of each image, Gary remembers that he needs to post a sixth photo for his Photo-A-Day plan, but decides to put it off til the next day, and then the next day, until nothing happens with Gary’s blog, and he decides it’s just not worth it.

The dedication, the writing, the ideas, the images, the hyperlinks, the music, the themes, the widgets, and plug-ins it can all become too much, and can lead to some serious procrastination, or the end of what was once a great idea for a blog.  I should know. Entering blogger.com into my browser led me to find seven blogs I had created and quickly forgotten about.

And a quick look at my wordpress dashboard shows seven blogs, where I am either Administrator or Editor.

And I have just created a new blog.  RachelCrick.com.  This blog lamely reads “First Blog Attempt” across the top, even though it would seem that I have made several attempts in the past.

A quick internet search can point you in several directions, “Conquering Fear of Blogging,” “The 7 Deadly Fears of Blogging and How to Overcome Them,” “Fear of Blogging, or What Bloggers Can Learn From Shakespeare.”  A lot of what you’ll find sounds like a Nike commercial (Just Do It), however Darren Rowse’s article “Battling Bloggers Block” had more solid ideas than some of the other on-line articles.  He offers up twenty five tips on how to avoid block and procrastination, he also throws in some ways to get inspired and creative as well.

Another resource, if you prefer, are books.  Amazon sells quite a few books covering the avoidance of blogging including “I Don’t Have Time To Write – Time Taming Tips for Writers, Bloggers, and Infopreneurs.” and “Self Help for the Would-Be Blogger: The Why’s and How’s of Blogging for People Who Don’t Blog.”

Blogging Prompts are available online and in-store as well.  Plinky delivers inspiration straight to your inbox, daily.   Other similar sites are mindbump, and oneminutewriterNo One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog and The IT Girls Guide To Blogging with Moxie are just two titles that Amazon offers.

All these ideas are great, helpful, insightful, and the tip of the iceberg.  Internet searches for help with bloggers block goes on for pages and pages.  The main point that continues to show up is simple.

Just Do It. 


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