Painless, ‘downloadless’ photogalleries

I don’t know if anyone have already tried, which allows one to create really cool collages with clickable information boxes, and also photogalleries.

Some of WordPress themes have photogalleries settings but if the one you have chosen doesn’t, Vuvox allows you to create one just by choosing a layout -they don’t offer a huge number of options but the ones available are pretty useful and modern-, uploading your photos either from Flickr, Photobucket, your computer, and arrange them in the order you prefer, and then publish in the Vuvox page, which also provide an embedding code that one can use on the WP blog.

It seriously adds dynamism to any post, but it also has some setbacks, such as the fact that even though it is announced by a “coming soon” one cannot add captions to the rotating photos or audio, which for what I have used the tool such as illustrating interviews would be a really incredible feature but so far I cannot complain, and I recommend it since one does everything online, no software downloading is necessary, and is easily accessible from anywhere.



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