One of my favorite Content Strategists says…

Margot Bloomstein

Margot Bloomstein, Content Strategist

Margot Bloomstein is one of my favorite Content Strategists. I follow Margot’s Twitter, and I have enjoyed watching her speak at conferences. She is great at explaining the basics of how to come up with a plan for your web site content, and justifying why it’s important to think through what you say, when, and why. She spoke at Web Content 2011 in Chicago about content strategy for the mobile experience. Content strategy is good for users, good for search engines, and good for business because it gives users “useful, useable, appropriate” content. I recommend getting a basic primer on content strategy because it’s so foundational to what you have on your site, why, how users find it, and the labels you use. An important aspect of content strategy is messaging hierarchy – deciding what the purpose of a page is and keeping it simple.

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