“Flipped” Facts over Kineograph

Wiki reports John Barnes Linnet’s patenting of the kineograph (an invention later known simply as a “flip book”) in 1886, as seen in this erroneous timeline.

As a presumptuously self-appointed class ombudsman, I declared after our second break Wednesday evening that this is the 125-year anniversary of the kineograph patent.  Alas, it is left to an Ivy League school to set the record straight.  It was really in 1868.

So, umm, Princeton University is the envy of fact-checkers everywhere?

Hardly.  They erroneously spell Linnet with a double ‘t’.

Historical Footnote: Linnet’s was a British patent in 1868 before an American, Henry Van Hoevenbergh, received the first U.S. patent on May 16, 1882.

Yahoo! reports the subtle difference between the two inventions was that Van Hoevenbergh qualified his invention as an “optical toy” based on the phenomenon of persistence of vision.


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