100+ Killer WordPress Resources

If you go to THIS BLOG it has lists of links for tutorials on pretty helpful things. Too many to list, however the most interesting I’ve found are ways to hack your theme (if you’re using a free one, it’s kind of limiting). Also good, is a section on how to use WordPress as a CMS, and a list of the top blogs on WordPress (in case you need examples!)


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MCDM grad student. Violinist and Californian.

One response to “100+ Killer WordPress Resources”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Hi, Samantha : it’s great that you have the name of the blog article as the headline, but for SEO and readability you should include the article name (or key phrases from it) in the body of your post. Our readers are searching based on tasks and for that they have key words in their minds; “this blog” won’t likely be one of them! (ALL CAPS text hurts readability, too.)

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