Is Your Company Broke? You Better Optimize.

In the wake of our economic crash many companies have found themselves with limited advertising budgets forcing them to find other means to get their information in front of the head honchos without paying thousands to get it there.

When the William Craig Company (my employer) was first established technology wasn’t as important. Therefore we had a web system built that was more or less thrown together so we could get our product/services out there. The developers and designers didn’t take search engines into account, nor were they thinking about social media-because at the time it didn’t exist.

In today’s environment various types of companies are faced with the daunting task os site re-builds and re-designs to optimize their search engine rankings, naturally. Many bosses may be putting things like this “on the backburner” as they are convinced the money could be better spent elsewhere. Nonetheless, those of us in the digital field are aware that online optimization is key for companies that desperately need exposure but don’t necessarily have the funds to place paid ads or pay for press releases in print publications.

Proper search engine optimization is now essential to running a successful, growing corporation. While money spent on a redesign or restructuring of your website will be a wise investment, many don’t realize that search engine optimization is about more than site keywords. Yes, keyword density is important when trying to land naturally at the top of Google or bing, but the amount of inbound links to your site is also important. Producing media for social production in the forms of online forum posts, blogs, tweets, updates, video, slideshows etc. are all ways to increase traffic to your business’ website by optimizing your search engine results.

I personally like to come under our potential clients’ radar by blogging about topics that they may be interested in so that we show up in daily google search engine results.  Additionally, by having our website linked on all of these other multimedia platforms the amount of inbound links to our site increases-also helping search engine optimization.

In addition to inbound links the other media outlets provide platforms for engagement with your posted content. I have had many appraisers and clients talk about how they appreciate the information I post on the internet (in the forms of industry updates, commentary blogs, etc.). The ultimate goal, is to not only engage them and make their experience more enjoyable, but to also earn media from them. By earning media we are essentially getting people to talk about us in a positive light on their own platforms. Since people rely on referrals more than advertisements in the digital age these kinds of referrals hold a lot of weight in the consumer market. Not to mention search engine bots are starting to rank with social media taking top spots. The more you or your company are mentioned on these platforms (positively of course) the better your search engine optimization will be.

So overall here is a summarized lesson in SEO, fix your keywords, invest in a re-design, and put out as much quality media as you can and talk about it!


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