Task-based analysis of SeaLife Cameras website

The SeaLife Cameras website is more of an informational website, as they do not sell their cameras through that site. However, the objetive if the website should still be linked to their commercial goals. This means that the content of their website should be structured in a way that eventually drives more sales. In order to assess how well http://www.sealife-cameras.com was delivering against the objective I went through a task-based analysis. Especifically, the objective would be provide information in such a compelling way that the audience will be motivated to buy a SeaLife camera (through their authorized dealers). Let’s say I am an amateur photographer (pretty close to reality, as I am an one). An amateur photographer that wants to explore underwater photographer. I am looking for a high-quality entry-level aquatic digital camera and decide to explorenthe possibility of buying a SeaLife camera. Then, I google the brand and redirect to their website http://www.sealife-cameras.com.
Once I am at their website, the first thing that calls my attention is the launch of their new model DC1200.
I clicked on the picture and go to the page with more specifications about the new model. Still not sure if this new model is their entry-level offering for consumers like me, there is no selling line that tells me what is behind this new model. In its page, I find a description next to the pictures of the camera, this description goes “Mystical sea creatures, vibrant colorful reefs, or haunting wrecks from a bygone era, the DC1200 is the camera to catch them all…”, however, there are no sample pictures to see the quality of the images this camera produces on this page, there is a small link on top to a gallery but it is one extra step I would need to take. From my consumer perspective, sample images are an important part of my decision making.
I decide to explore other models, the only alternative to do so is a menu on the top that simply shows the list of model they offer. No classification by MPs, level of expertise, portability, etc.
Given this, I spent around 3 minutes randomly browsing through their different models (some of them even discontinued) to see if any of the model offered what I was looking for, an entry-level high-quiality camera for underwater photography. I find a couple of models that interest me, however there is not an option to compare them.
At this point, my decision is made, I don’t feel confident to buy technology from a company with such deficient web technology approach.

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