Reanalysis Of

Re-evaluating the site after last week’s class definitely made me more cognizant of certain task-oriented details crucial to the user experience.  Thinking about some of the tasks this site’s audience would be looking to accomplish, I came up with the following critiques:

Look for ways to volunteer

It would be assumed that the section to look for information on volunteering would be under “Take Action” – however, upon clicking on this tab, next steps aren’t really clear.  There are almost too many options that might potentially confuse the user.  There is also excessive negative space to the left of the “Take Action” subcategories.  A simple category titled “Volunteer” would be more effective and concise.

Look for ways to donate

While the selection to “Donate” isn’t bolded like the rest of the category headings, it is still clearly visible on the top right of the page.  However, upon making the selection, the user is once again faced with an abundance of options, resulting in trial and error of each one to ultimately find the correct selection.  If someone is going to donate, needs to ensure that the user is greeted with an easy outlet for doing so.  There is excess negative space in between sub-categories as well.

Look for information on support for cancer victims/survivors

The “Get Help” tab on the top of the page is pretty obvious and clear-cut, however, upon selecting this option, the user is faced with several vague selections.  Upon clicking on one of those, they are then taken to another page with even more selections.  Selections under “Get Help” need to be more specific and concise so that users can easily find their way without having to trial and error each selection.

Look for information on the organization (who they are/what they do/etc.)

It is very difficult to quickly ascertain any general details about the company based on the resources available.  Rather than having a basic “about us” tab, there are two sections that seem to overlap a bit in their function (“what we do” and “who we are”).  Under both of those sections there are even more choices which make it overwhelming for the user looking for a one-stop shop for “about us” information.

Additionally, it is quite confusing to determine the difference between vs.  I was able to find a tiny blurb on the site (bottom of page below the fold):

Overall, the site could benefit from simplifying its category/sub-category naming convention and focusing more intently on the tasks of its target audience.  Categories and sub-categories needed to be bolded so that they stand out and are more visible when making a selection on the site.



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