Re-Analysis of NFP "Beth's Blog"

Since I am working on a site that will give social media advice to nonprofits I decided to analyze a “competitor” site that does the same. Beth’s Blog is a site that is strictly devoted to featuring nonprofits who use social media and online marketing as a means to gain support, awareness, and donations in a non-profit realm.

Name: Beth’s Blog

Website URL:

Beth's Blog

While analyzing this site I decided to look at various heuristics to determine its effectiveness. These included design layout, use of social media, effectiveness of content, website format (and technology used) and overall usability.



 Audience: Anyone looking to learn more about nonprofit social media marketing and expansion.

Design: The design of Beth’s site is effectively simple. It is a basic blog format (as is expected with the title “Beth’s Blog”) and uses colors that make everything easy to read. The menu bar at the top of the page lends for easy navigation and the photo on the right adds personality to the site. In addition, Beth uses photos for each blog post to stray from the monotonous text formats we often see on blog sites. All links to social media outlets and categorized posts are in plain sight. I believe for a blog site this layout is effectively basic.

Social Media: Beth utilizes various social media platforms on her page to provide her constituents with means to easily share her content with others. Just to the left of each post she features a share button so her content can be shared on social media platforms with one simple click. In addition, she also has a retweet option for Twitter and another share option specifically for Facebook. Below her photo is yet another link to subscribe to an RSS feed of her post. As far as social media sharing goes Beth has all her bases covered. Additionally, at the top of her page she has links to HER social media pages. These links are easily identifiable, as they are  directly to the right of the page title.  She has channels on RSS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube; all the bare necessities of social media marketing. This is crucial because the main topic on this page is social media.

Format and Technology Used: I love that Beth’s site features not only photos for each post but also video to bring more dynamics to the page. In addition, she has a comments section to allow user involvement and also an RSS (as mentioned in social media) to allow users to follow her content without every even having to visit her site; the information comes to them. Other than that, Beth doesn’t utilize much more in terms of fancy technologies and coding on her site. The main focus is social media so the basic blog format is effective in that it in itself is a product of social production.

Effectiveness of Content: Beth’s content varies but she typically features a non-profit organization that has successfully utilized social media for growth. This growth is measured in various ways, from page visits to donations to volunteers. If any of these increase due to a social media campaign it is considered success. In addition to her typical posts, Beth also features a comments section on the right of her page with praise from website patrons, which also encourages involvement. Additionally, Beth has all her blogs categorized just below her photo so if there was a specific topic you wanted to read about you wouldn’t have to scroll through all of her blogs to get there.

Overall Usability: All of the main items that one would need to navigate through or share this page are featured within the first opening window, no scrolling required. This is my favorite aspect of this site. In order to test usability I decided to pretend I was running a nonprofit and looking for examples of ROI via social media campaigns. As soon as I go to the page I can see the “category” option. I scroll down and see the ROI section. I click on it and it takes me to all posts related to social media ROI. It doesn’t get much easier than that. The categories assist greatly in usability, and the menu bar at the top also provides alternate options to learn more about Beth herself and her work.

Overall Consensus: I really like Beth’s site, she uses images and video effectively to illustrate her points and the blog format is easy to navigate as well as easy on the eyes. While my blog may feature a little more in terms of dynamic content, I think that Beth’s overall content structure is very successful for what she is trying to do, educate people on social media usage among networked nonprofits.


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