Archive | 26 May 2010

Week 9 : Social Networking


  • Geek Speak – Discussion Leaders
  • Adding a Google Map to your site (more API integration)
  • Integrating Social Networking Tools and Content (API integration)
  • Revisiting Tasks/Design (group work)

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Laurelhurst Community Club – Competitive Analysis Part 2

The Laurelhurst Community Club website is certainly useful and functional. But it really is missing opportunities to better engage and inform the community. While Laurelhurst is a highly-organized and influential community group, my initial take is that it is not using the website as effectively as it could.

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No Depression. What are the tasks at hand?

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this site by just the name.  It is a very strong name for a company although it tells nothing about what this site is really all about.  Initially I assumed it was a site to help and beat depression, but once viewing the home page and title I realized quickly that it was a a music website.

No Depression ScreenShotSo now knowing a small amount of information, what will be the tasks that a common viewer would do for this website?  First thing is to find out more information.  The About Us tab is very important here because not everyone will be knowledgeable of this one print magazine called “No Depression”. This site was created by Ning, which is like a wordpress site with CMS capabilities, themes and widgets but Ning sites are social networking sites.
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Forkfly's Blog Revisited

After further consideration of’s blog, I realized that navigation was category and archive based, rather than by pages. Having been engulfed in small business marketing and advertising research for the past 18 months, small business owners do not frequent blogs often enough to be able to depend on a traditional blog layout. With that in mind I decided to revisit how a user would access the blog’s content.

All content is available currently by scrolling. The page is long enough where scrolling to locate a post is exhaustive and difficult. In a time test of using a scroll wheel on my mouse, the page takes 18.8 seconds to scroll through Read More…

Entertainment Site: Hulu (Revisited)

Hulu is the digital baby of NBC and FOX. Hulu is a website that offers free, commercial-supported, streaming video of TV shows and movies. Offerings include TV shows from FOX and NBC, as well as from subsidiary cable channels such as Bravo and Syfy. Hulu streams video through the internet on demand, free of charge, the day after its broadcast debut. The site is ad-supported with revenue-sharing arrangements with partner sites such as AOL, MSN, MySpace, Yahoo!, and Comcast. Read More…