A Few Tools and Reflections on Design

On the subject of handy plug-ins. My Calendar (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/my-calendar/) is a great way to add a calendar page to a website. The interface allows for recurring events as well as single events. Another tool for folks wanting to design there own theme is WordPRess Theme Generator (http://www.yvoschaap.com/wpthemegen/). It allows people create their own simple themes.

Also worth looking at are plug-ins that create or manage a robots.txt file. If anyone has suggestion for a plug-in let me know. For those wondering what a robots.txt is: It is a file that can be made to tell web crawlers, which index your site for search engine, to not index certain pages or directories. Handy if you would prefer that your class blog not turn up on search engine results.

On the subject of desired plug-ins I’m hoping to find a plug-in that will allow multiple pages to have blogs within a single site or to have pages display posts of a certain category, which I think would be far simpler for clients to manage.  I cannot seem to find the right terminology to describe it. Essentially it would allow users to treat the available dogs page as a blog and the news page as a blog. If that is not a possibility, I need to decide what page I use as my blog, whether it be the available dogs page, which could be difficult to do, or a news page. The available dogs might be difficult because it is broken down into four subpages, but then again it will be the most updated of the pages. I would be nice to get the folks from the adoption organization to write a blog, but that might be a stretch.

I’m also wondering if my navigation menu should be on the left side of the screen or if it works on the right. The old website is http://www.gnwgreyhounds.org/ and the beginning of the new site is http://smbphotography.net/gpanw/, most certainly a work in progress. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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