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Semantic Web – Discussion Leader

The Semantic Web encompasses most of the actions and interactions that we do online and don’t even know it.


Cloud Computing

Link To 5/19/10 Presentation – Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services

Here’s my presentation for tonight:

Week 8 – Site Maps, Wireframes and Storyboards


  • Geek Speak
  • Task Exercise
  • Term Project Work : Competitive Analysis
  • Design Tools
  • WordPress
  • Housekeeping Request 1
  • Housekeeping Request 2 : if you have not put your Geek Speak presentation on Slideshare and developed a blog post for it, please do so ASAP
  • Housekeeping : Points (caveat)

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Week 8 Housekeeping Request

I’m asking for your help in cleaning up the course blog. One of the reasons for our doing a group blog is for you to become familiar with some of the management issues associated with multiple authors!

I’d like you to do two things: (a) check your blog post categories and make sure that none are marked “course notes” and (b) check your blog posts and delete duplicates. What follows is a step-by-step tutorial:

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Page Turning Software Not Such a Good Fit for the Web

Early this year, my company started putting our magazines into page turning software. Page turning software tries to replicate the look and experience of a print publication, but online and on a monitor. You see an image of the page spreads, and click to move forward or backward, similar to how you interact with a magazine at home.

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