Choosing The Right Colors For Your Target

One of the most important and fun stages in creating a website is defining the color palette. As in every other part of web design, the choice of colors should be target-centric. This is, once your target strategy is defined you are ready to explore color combination that work best on communicating the message to your target.

The selection of colors in a website can either engage your audience to continue browsing and connect with the goal of the website, or just leave it after a few seconds. For perspective, researcher Joe Hallock, has shown that colors preference vary by gender and age. Even some social paradigm change regarding color preference by gender, while most people might think pink is the favorite color for females, the #1 preference for both genders go to Blue (Females 35% and Males 57%), followed by Purple for Females (23%) and Green for Males (14%).

There are also important to make the distinction between mature and young audience by using the appropriate colors for each category. People of different ages have different reactions to colors. While at an early stage of life people prefer brighter colors, as people get older they tend to like sober colors better. As you can see below in the graphical representation of Hallock’s survey results for a favorite color by age group.

For further detail please refer to Joe Hallock’s “Color Assignment” paper.


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