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Color Theory

Following our discussion in class tonight, I found a great post on Smashing Magazine addressing color theory. It examines the significance of various color families and provides examples of uses for each.

The key takeaway is that color in design is highly subjective. Cultural differences, in particular, must be taken into account.

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Week 6 – Color and Typography


  • Discussion Leaders: RSS [Jody], HTML5 [Stephen], Cookies (State Management) [Elise]
  • Lecture : Color & Typography (ppt)
  • Summary: WordPress Themes, Plugins
  • Workshop: CSS and Plugins

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Summary : WordPress Themes & Plugins

This is a summary of WordPress themes and plugins used in your sites.

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RSS Overview

Slides for RSS discussion.

RSSDiscussion – PPT


For SocialiteBulb I’ve chosen a theme that fits and represents my brand. However, I do
want to refine it. Specifically, I want to change the centerpiece
caricature to a less-modern woman. I also want to create a logo and
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Site Update – Sarah S Glazer

My wordpress site is going to reflect the rest of my new website design.  In order for this to happen successfully and not too much coding, then I chose a Atahualpa thesis.  The thesis was a better fit than trying to edit all the CSS and PHP pages in an already set theme.

FONTS There are a few elements that are important to creating a custom designed wordpress site that would still reflect my personal website.  The first were fonts.  I am a typography crazed designer.  They reflect personality and immediately suggest the tone of a website.  So, most of my H1 and H2 headers will be fonts that are not common to the internet.  Since typography is very limiting on the web, then I will be utilizing the plugin, Font Burner Control.   This plugin allows you to chose from over a 1000 different fonts to use on your wordpress site.  There are a few downfalls to using this plugin, like the left justification only feature and a 1000 fonts can be limiting for most designers.

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