Google TV coming soon?

The website aesthetic analysis for the government sites included a number of agencies both local and federal that incorporated video storytelling within their sites to engage visitors in a more personal and interactive way ( i.e. NASA,Census 2010,Puget Sound Partnership). Technologies used included Flash and MPEG4 video which were incorporated into the website design in traditional sidebar, middle of screen and also used some non-traditional “2010 trends in web design” methods. Most of the governmental sites researched showed simple designs for an audience seeking user friendly information from the government agencies linking an organization’s volunteerism, surveys, and associated links to assure visitor success.  In last month’s magazine an article peeked my interest in the use of video for web applications and was entitled; Stay Tuned for Google TV.Three major players in the electronic business atmosphere are combining energies and the talents of programmers for writing software in order to begin to test a service for TV, web and other, more importantly, mobile applications. Google, Intel and Sony, communication power sources in their own right, have partnered to develop a platform and service that will channel search, video, Twitter, and other Web applications through set-top boxes and onto the family television. Dish network is also a testing agent for this venture using access via TV remotes and keyboards and overall possible leverage using a version of Google’s Chrome Web browser for searching and pulling down video content from sources like YouTube and Hulu. Planned to be open source, the Google TV model is quoted as a “preemptive move”  into the competitive environment of living room full entertainment and, of course, advertising values.  “Twitter, Facebook and associated gaming applications would be fair game for Google TV”.  This move can be seen as an association with the website competitive analysis scheme, I believe, because Google is currently searching for partner cities and government agencies to take a FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) approach in providing Google ISP type services. This Google fiber exploration combined with this TV set-top idea with Sony and Intel seems to tie into and support the FCC broadband plan for 100 million households with 100 megabits-per-second service for communications connectivity and public information dissemination. As any proposal, there are details to be investigated, but as video more and more is placed and accessed from websites, desktops and mobile phones, Google may be onto a direction that can enrich public information and governmental websites using video content for a long time to come.


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