On-line Portfolio Development:

As a means to developing my own on-line presence I started to search for on-line portfolios.  Mostly I just wanted to find examples of what I should consider including in my own site.  And I have to admit the initial search results were disappointing.  I searched for ‘on-line portfolios’ and found an endless supply of photographers and web designers.  Neither of which describe what I do or even where my training and experience plays a role in building and sustaining communication between stakeholders.  So I searched for ‘on-line PR portfolios’ and again it was an average turn out that covers only a part of my skill set and what I enjoy in my current job.  Mostly it was on-line resumes and samples of written work.  Which means that I’m back to square one and where I didn’t want to start: who is my audience and why should they hire me.  Or better yet, what do I want to do for a living and how do I market myself and my skills?  How do I create a website that tells an employers that I love communication/PR, research, crisis management, media calls, wordsmithing, writing, creating graphics, using story telling techniques in developing video messages, video editing, developing web content and sites, social media, event planning, project management, problem solving, customer service, etc., and the list goes on.  My dilemma is that I know that technology and software are merely tools that can deliver and receive messages.    But what has more value, the message or the method by which it’s delivered.  And ultimately how can I develop a website that presents my message and reinforces it by the action in which it’s delivered.

PS:  I also love asking questions and brainstorming.


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