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Week 5: Personas and Audience Analysis


  • Discussion : Facebook
  • Discussion : Aesthetic Analysis
  • Discussion : Competitive Analysis (three not linked)
  • Mini-Lecture : Personas (ppt)
  • Reminder: please do not use “course notes” as a category! And remember to use the “more” link on your posts.

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Entertainment Website Genre Analysis

Entertainment Websites are probably the most essential websites for incorporating the latest Web 2.0 and even 3.0 capabilities. Most entertainment sites have video, slideshows and other animations that can’t be affected by slow streams or heavy coding not allowing for the website to appear seamless. Read More…

Competitive Analysis: Social Media For Nonprofits

Competitive Analysis: Social Media for Nonprofit Websites

For my final project I have decided to develop a website that serves as a proposal or marketing plan of sorts for nonprofit organizations specifically looking to increase HIV/AIDS awareness through various methods of social production. This website will essentially have all the functions of a blog, but I wanted to make sure that I was designing the most effective format for this type of information so I decided to analyze three other sites that would be considered my “competitors.”

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GPANW Competitive Analysis

For my term project I decided to implement a WordPress site for the Greyhound Pets of America: Greater Northwest, (GPANW) a greyhound adoption organization that helps rescue retired greyhound racers from tracks through out the U.S. While the organization doesn’t have competitors in the traditional business sense, comparing the GPANW site to other dog rescue sites might be helpful in determining how to design a WordPress GPANW site. As a not-for-profit organization GPANW relies on volunteers, most of whom do not have a coding background. A WordPress site would enable them to make changes to the site’s content and design relatively easily. Comparing it to another local greyhound adoption organization, a greyhound adoption organization not based in Seattle and a local organization that rescues and adopts pugs will serve as the basis for the competitive analysis. Read More…

Integrating mobile entertainment in to our nomadic lives

I have two kids and we like to go on adventures. Sometimes to get to these adventures though we have to drive a long time, which to a 3 and 6 year old is not always the most fun. Car entertainment has allowed us to get by though Read More…

Competitive Analysis – Portfolio Website

I’ve chosen to create a personal portfolio website for my class project. Although I’m currently happily employed full time, I’d like to set myself up for the possibility to freelance in the future. On my website I’d like to showcase my background in marketing, advertising, and PR. I plan to share snapshots of successful marketing campaigns, media coverage, and writing projects. I also want to give website visitors a sense of my personality and interests.

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